About Us

Since its incorporation, SystemObjects is entirely focused on one goal: give to the System i (AS/400) a graphical interface worthy of its other qualities.

After developing our ClientObjects/400®, which was the first tool to modernize the AS/400, we started to integrate that technology in our main Windows solutions.

In 1997, we signed an agreement with Borland, licensing our AS/400 middleware technology, ClientObjects/400 to create a world-class suite of Object-Oriented Development tools. These innovative development applications, Delphi/400, JBuilder for iSeries and C++Builder/400, were designed specifically for the AS/400 developer community.

In 2013 we have announced the last version of our SmartPad4i product, a development solution to create Smartphone or Tablet business applications for the System i (AS/400).

SmartPad4i ia a solution to develop only once the same program for all the existing browser and all devices running Android, iOS or BlackBerry (OS10 only).


Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence