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About Us

Synchronized is a revolutionary global approach in the world of television!

At Synchronized, we are reinventing the way in which viewers can truly and finally interact with TV content of any type.
Synchronized enables people to interplay with their favorite programs, to learn, to get informed and entertained, to communicate and to purchase of their favorite topics, to make TV a portable font of inspiration, knowledge and interaction.
There is no limitation to the offer , Synchronized is applicable to any kind of TV production i.e. Educational, Documentary, Sports, Enterteinment, TV Serie/Fiction, Music, Cinema, Arts…
Synchronized is a TV interactive experience that goes above and beyond any TV ‘on demand’ or ‘second screen’ available services of today.
It is a D2C tailor made second screen application/platform for TV Producers, TV Broadcasters, TV Authors, TV Brands, that takes you into an extraordinary augmented Television experience.

This user-friendly and very high quality application/ platform allows clients to:

- Manage a closer and long term relation with their audience
- Increase audiences and viewers engagement for a much richer TV experience
- Enhance content exploitation
- Enhance channels and TV brands affiliation with their audience
- Create a brand new advertising space for hyper-targeted audiences
- Extend life of TV productions to an infinite and permanent approach
- Revitalize TV archives into a fresh digital broadcasting space
- Build a brand new distribution and communication channel
- Connect TV productions directly into audience’s social network life
- Collect viewers data for specific insight analysis
- To be ‘First-in-Line’ into the next generation TV global landscape


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