About Us

Sofitel is the only French luxury hotel brand with a presence on five continents with 120 addresses, in nearly 40 countries. All Sofitel hotels represent French Elegance, beauty, quality and excellence.

The brand is based on three values that guide the employees through their job every day to make their experience and the guest experience a unique and Magnifique moment:

The Passion for Excellence
A commitment from each one of us at every moment to attain the summit.
Our ambition and pleasure is to strive constantly for one more step towards perfection: to excel in what we do and always be able to push ourselves a little further.
For us at Sofitel this means:
- Being able to contribute ‘a little more soul’, refinement and imagination: the French touch.
- Creating the conditions for everyone to grow personally and together

The Essence of Plaisir
The mark of Sofitel refinement.
Create a harmonious balance between the pleasure of feeling at home and the exquisite feeling of being elsewhere.
Considering each customer as a unique and exceptional guest, providing him/her with a subtle
combination of care and discretion.

The Spirit of Openness
In our eyes, difference is a source of wealth. We have a taste for cultural mix and a thirst for everything new :
- Bringing together different cultures, ways of thinking and acting
- Being strong enough to accept criticism and observations

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