About Us

Netoptic – initially, this is the story of a family with the addition of a few close friends.

Netoptic is also the story of a remarkable entrepreneurial adventure facilitating the creation of the Kinto, Malt, Akarti and Top Vision brands.

And finally, Netoptic is the chronicle of a passion. A passion that prompted Celso Viejo to create fashionable, comfortable glasses that anyone can wear – fine, light spectacles as fashion accessories, designed to the needs and desires of the customers.

A passion that he passed on to his daughter Johanna, who has totally assumed and embraced the DNA of the company and its brands.

Originating in 1978 from the idea of creating unforgettable eyewear, over the years Kinto has developed into a brand with a strong personality and fine, ergonomic shapes.
Kinto appropriates major trends and legendary designs to make them affordable.

Travel avec Kinto!


The Malt collection is based on the concept of expressive spectacle frames for men only.
The meticulous care and attention taken during the production process result in very high-quality frames.


We use all our wealth of experience as eyewear manufacturers for helping those who need strong corrections: broad nose bridge, distinctive end pieces, small sizes,…
All parts and aspects are examined to optimize the assembly process for complex optical corrections.

Netoptic has been producing cleaning agents for spectacle lenses and frames since the 1970s. The formula has gone through constant further development over the years so that now in 2016 we offer a top quality product. Despite its powerful grease-removing properties, it leaves the surface finish intact, while being resistant and lightly perfumed. It leaves a protective film on the lenses and frame.

Commercial presence