About Us

Kactu'Z is a non profit-making organisation aimed at the actuarial community and created in 2003. It consists of around thirty active members who are usually former members of their actuarial university's student union or are implicated in their alumni association.

This year, for the first time, we would like some actuaries from different countries to join in our events which take place in Paris.

Our main event is called the " Actuaries' Night " (the english equivalent to "Nuit des actuaires"). Actuaries and actuarial students are all invited to come. This event is an opportunity for them to meet and spend a nice and convivial moment together. It takes place in a very prestigious and exceptional place, where different activities are provided (several dance floors with different music styles, wine taste in the VIP lounge, candy or ice-cream bars, and lots more)
Besides, Kactu'Z has organised a tournament since two years (its french name is "Actuariat MultiSports"). It takes place the day before the Actuaries' Night or the same day in the afternoon. Each company, association or actuarial university which participates forms a team to play urban football. We also offer other activities like tennis, badminton or volleyball.

Every year, more than 20 companies and organisations choose to sponsor our events. Thanks to them but also to all the today's and budding actuaries who are present, our events achieve great success, with more than 200 persons taking part in the tournament and about 1200 people attending the night.

This year, the tournament and the night will both take place on Friday, 13 March 2015. We really hope that many of you will come and enjoy this highly anticipated actuarial event.

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26-100 employees


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