About Us

Habitat Trade was created in 2001 in Aix-en-Provence (south of France). It is the French leader of the linking between people wishing free craftsmen home improvment quotes.

Habitat-Trade communicates and expand itself on many services and websites for internet users in order to receive more than 30 000 requests every month.Theses websites are :


There is also aspecial website for crafstmen workers and professional : www.easydevispro.fr

Habitat-trade works with the most important French and International internet compagny.
These partnerships allow it to obtain the best broadcasting for its websites and all its services.

Since 2001, Habitat-trade has generated more than 1 million home improuvment projects for the 12 500 workers and crafstmen who have adhered the easydevispro'service.
In 2011, those menbers have worked on more than 300 000 home improuvment projects and they were able to generate a turnover of over 700 million of euros.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence