About Us

Attorneys advising franchisors, we build networks and assist them in their development. We have developed recognized skills in:

- franchise agreements, commercial contracts
- assisting brands internationally
- commercial leases
- intellectual property (protection of brands and concepts)
- network’s taxation

Our value are proximity, because we know your sector; effectiveness, because we know your projects are limited by time or financial constraints and that meeting objectives must be scheduled; interdisciplinary nature of the assistance provided, since a network cannot be built without financial, marketing, organizational and legal approaches.

Attorney at Law, post-graduate in commercial law as well as of the Rouen business school (master in management of distribution networks), Jean-Baptiste Gouache has exercised operational positions in the distribution sector (E. Leclerc). As such, he has been able to develop a useful knowledge of the sectors issues.

Jean-Baptiste Gouache is teaching distribution law, regularly contributes to publication in professional publications, and is a member of the French Franchise Federation expert’s college. He has created Gouache Avocats and is leading a team of six attorneys.

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