About Us

Clausette is the first French online magazine focusing on the Future of Fashion and more specifically on the mergence of fashion & technology. Born from the encounter of two passions, it is the expression of a young advertiser's sensitivity to innovations. From Wearable tech expansion, smart fabrics and e-textiles emergence, manufacturing innovations to smaller experimental projects, Clausette is set to be the place where cool projects linking a futuristic vision of technology and aesthetics meet.

After being graduated from a Business School master, the editor has spent more than two years working for international advertising companies. Keen of the latest innovation trends within advertising and marketing, she spends her time between her work as an advertiser and meeting people that are shaping the future of fashion. Sensitive to the technological and scientific evolutions, she wanted this magazine to express her favorite subjects.

The weekly-updated magazine delivers an assortment of the sector's news, best picks and interviews of designers, entrepreneurs and academics that make the future of fashion come to life. This magazine is set to be humble and sensitive to its followers' feedbacks, so please do not hesitate to give your opinion on the commentary sections of each article, the idea is to share on these subjects that are set to be in tomorrow's closets.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence