About Us

Akheros is a software development lab, producing resident cybersecurity learning algorithms, which learns machines’ informational behavior in order to anticipate, detect and prevent offensive and incongruous behaviors of machine to machine interactions.

Laureate of the French 2013 national innovation awards (Oseo), Akheros is based on patented autonomous learning algorithms. Its detection capability and its knowledge (situational awareness) increase over time. Akheros does not require an access to an external database of signatures, known threats, or “healthy behaviors”. Akheros assesses the incongruity of behaviors in relation to what the software learns from previous machine behavior.

Located in the heart of Paris' Latin Quarter, Akheros welcomes spontaneous job applications. Applicants must possess experience in cybersecurity development (IDS - IPS) and machine learning (Bayesian modeling).

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence